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What Others Have Said:

"I quickly gained respect for Tim's knowledge of running an efficient operation, his ability to analyze issues to find root causes and the diligence with which he works to implement their solution."

"I have used him with great success as an objective opinion and have enjoyed having his insights and ideas as part of my management."

"He exhibits a deep understanding of financial health and profit drivers as well as a great perspective on the characteristics of an efficient operation and how to develop a plan to drive continuous improvement."

"Tim is an excellent leader, prior to his arrival our management team lacked structure and direction which limited us from seeing many of the issues we are facing and inhibited us from directing focus to eliminate the issues we did recognize."

"Tim was able to establish a better structure, we identified and prioritized our issues and worked a plan towards solving them under his guidance. We achieved several key goals in the last 12 months that can only benefit our operational efficiency and company profitability going forward."

"I am sure we are on a more effective path due to the influence of Tim and his time here."

"I am confident you will be rewarded beyond your expectations by adding Tim to your team."

"Tim has a keen ability to bring calm and direction to chaos and unstructured organizations."

"Tim is always accurate, detailed and responsive regarding his monthly, quarterly or annual financial reporting."

"He is clear in getting his points across and is helpful in suggesting effective resolutions for problems."


"I observed a leader and strategist extremely determined to qualify unprofitable aspects of our business and to create numerous initiatives that would reverse these negative trends."

"Tim earned the respect of all Senior Executives on our leadership team because he displayed the kind of intelligence and new ideas required to lead an organization of over 600 staff members."

"He exudes a common respect for others and the skill sets they bring to the table by providing the type of direction and support expected from a CEO."

"Tim is a very loyal, dedicated, and hardworking individual. He is always involved and goes above and beyond what is asked of him. You could always count on him to meet deadlines and always deal professionally with co-workers and suppliers."

"With his help we have become a much better organization through the implementation of several key training programs, policy and procedure manuals, financial tracking and reporting, and operational initiatives designed to improve our overall company success."

"Mr. Delain possesses good communication skills and is personable."

"Tim is dedicated, committed, faithful, and a very truthful person."

"Tim is an honest, trustworthy individual."

"I enjoyed my dealings with Tim and feel he added great value."

"He will be a huge asset to any organization."

"He consistently showed the ability to perform within a team environment."

"I would consider him to be an asset to any company who's in need of a skilled CFO to manage and enhance its internal financial accounting."

"He has been able to not only save us money, but implement new accounting practices that have made the organization much more stable."

"He stepped in and streamlined the financial department and helped guide the companies through some turbulent economic times."

"Tim not only possesses excellent communication skills, but his leadership skills and analytical abilities are top notch well as well."

"His strong family values, high integrity and ethics, leadership skills, and standard of excellence were a perfect fit for our company."

"His positive attitude, ability to lead by example, reliability, and willingness to help others are all strengths that Tim possesses."

"As a highly organized individual with a great financial background, Tim was able to widen the scope of what we were able to do."

"He brought a business sense that helped all of the people associated with our firm learn from a true professional."

"I also know Tim to be one that will work relentlessly to see positive results and is never above rolling up his sleeves and digging in."

"I urge you to consider entering into a partnership with Mr. Delain, I am confident that you will quickly see a return on your investment."

"In Tim Delain I see an individual who is business savvy, who is people oriented and challenge driven."

"Tim leads by example and has helped develop the interpersonal skill of others."

"He is a very congenial person and is a man of excellent character and integrity."